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Play TPC Scottsdale, from your Garage


GSPRO golf simulator software

GSPRO is quickly becoming one of the best options for golf simulator software.  Available for only $250/yr, it offers the best value currently on the market for “bang for the buck”.

Stunning visuals with 4K graphics capability, a constantly growing course library of your favorite courses in the world.  Great practice modes.  Online communities with tournaments and competitions.  This is our favorite software you can buy right now.

Visit their website to learn more.

TPC Scottsdale looks Incredible

TPC Scottsdale stadium course

     GSPRO has a community of course designers and they do not charge to download courses as they get releases, unlike most golf simulator software.  Dropping today, TPC Scottsdale is one of the best looks sim courses we have ever seen.  

     Credit goes to Sim Golf Designs for the amazing graphics and detail.

     Visit our blog page for more updates as we closely follow all sources of information involving golf simulator, and provide you with a free resource of news, updates, software, product reviews, DIY simulator resources and more.


More Images of TPC Scottsdale on GSPRO

TPC Scottsdale golf simulator
TPC Scottsdale GSPRO
TPC Scottsdale golf simulator software GSPRO
TPC Scottsdale GSPRO golf simulator

The Future is Bright with GSPRO

      As you can see, these amazing details are hard to beat.  GSPRO golf simulator software offers a unique approach to this space as they use community members to design and create courses.  

     You can even design your own home golf course to play on with your friends.  

     With software like E6 Connect, you have to pay for additional courses, and are limited to choices from their course library.  With GSPRO you can play stunning courses such as this one at TPC Scottsdale, they are free to download, and new courses are constantly being added.

     If you are like me, I am always looking for products that provide significant value for the money exchanged.  Golf simulators are inherently expensive, but the software doesn’t necessarily have to be.  GSPRO is a home run, and their future is bright. 

Launch Monitors Software

Golfzon Wave

Golfzon Wave
New Launch Monitor From Golfzon - Debuting at the PGA Merchandise Show 2023

Golfzon Wave - Details

The new Golfzon Wave launch monitor from Golfzon will have an innovative radar and infrared dual-sensor technology capturing: club speed, ball speed, spin rate, and more.

It is available for sale in the Spring of 2023, and will be debuted at the 2023 PGA Merchandise Show.

The Wave is a portable unit. It includes the all new Wave skills app which can analyze swing data.  It will have 100+ of the world famous courses.  The launch monitor captures 34 points of data to help refine your skills and improve your game.  Use it for game improvement or on-course 18 hole play. 

Golfzon Wave Launch Monitor

The golf simulator launch monitor is being labeled an “all-in-one” package as it can be used indoors or outdoors, has its own proprietary software than can track sessions with an android or ios using the Vision Wave app.

Golfzon Wave - New Putting Mat

One of the most unique features is the new putting mat, which uses infrared technology to provide precise feedback.

WAVE also doubles as a simulator, providing a fun and entertaining experience for players of all levels with access to over 100 stunningly realistic virtual renderings of world-class courses like St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, Kiawah Island and many more.

We are excited to see how the new putting mat works, it could be a game changer as an added component to golf simulator launch monitors to improve putting accuracy, especially with lower priced radar type launch monitors.  Stay tuned for more information as it comes out.

golfzon wave putting mat

More Images of the Golfzon Wave

golfzone launch monitor
golfzon outdoor wave launch monitor

When is the Golfon Wave Available for sale?

The Golfzon WAVE is scheduled to be for sale in the Spring of 2023.  You can look forward to seeing more information come out after the 2023 PGA Merchandise show.

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Launch Monitors Software

The Rise of Golf Simulators: What Does The Future Hold?

Golf fans everywhere have longed to experience the thrill and challenge of playing a round on a high-end golf simulator. However, until recently, that prospect was still largely out of reach; the cost and impracticality of setting up a full-scale simulator was simply too much to overcome. But the future of golf simulators is looking brighter than ever!

The emergence of high-quality and affordable golf simulators have revolutionized the way people can enjoy and improve their golf game. These accessible simulators have been designed to bring the feeling of a real course right into people’s homes. Now, there is no need to worry about the constraints of time, cost, or weather – golfers can play any day, anytime, and improve in the process.

But, perhaps more than just recreating a course experience, the real potential of golf simulators lies in the ability to provide gamers with an exact simulation of any given golf course. With trackable clubs and simulation systems such as ‘Golfzon’, players have access to incredibly accurate data and feedback about each shot and all 18 holes with impressive levels of accuracy. This capability, combined with the ability to adjust and adjust each feature of the golf course to suit the golfer’s style, makes the golf simulator an invaluable tool for beginners and experts alike.

Furthermore, new technologies are currently making the simulator experience even more immersive. Allowing gamers to customize their avatar and ‘compete’ against audio-stimulated competitors as they make their way around the virtual course can be extremely motivating and uplifting.

Finally, the future of golf simulators looks even more exciting with developments being made into virtual reality and augmented reality technology. If we were to fast forward to a few years from now, it wouldn’t be at all farfetched to imagine a golf simulator that allows you to feel the wind, smell the grass, and hear the sound of the birds as you make your way around the virtual course. When that day comes, it would be quite the experience!

All in all, never before has it been so accessible for golfers to experience the same thrills and challenges as a real golf course. With the rapid developments being made into virtual and augmented reality technology, it looks like the future of golf simulators is even more exciting


Discover the Best Software for Golf Simulators

As golfers become more and more tech-savvy, having the best software for golf simulators can greatly improve your game. With the advances in technology and software development, recreating the golf course experience can now be done from the comfort of your own home or local driving range. From tracking your ball flight and scoring your game, to measuring your swing and ball striking, golf simulator software can help you take your game to the next level.

Improve Your Game with the Benefits of Golf Simulator Software

The main purpose of golf simulator software is to help golfers analyze and improve their game. By incorporating the best software for golf simulators, golfers can get the most accurate data and feedback while still having the ability to customize the software to fit their individual needs.

Some of the benefits of using the best software for golf simulators include:

● Accurate Data: Some software packages are able to measure where your ball was hit and can provide feedback such as ball spin, clubhead speed, and launch angle to provide you with the most accurate data about your golf game.

● Customization: By being able to customize the software, you can make the most of your simulator and tailor it to provide data that best fits your individual goals as a golfer.

● Practice: Not only can software help you keep score and measure your swing, but also it can also provide you with practice drills and other activities to help you develop your skill set.

● Entertainment: Many simulator software packages come with various games and activities to keep the experience enjoyable and provide a good time even when raining outside.

What to Consider When Choosing Golf Simulator Software

When looking for the best software for golf simulators, there are few things to keep in mind. First, consider the compatibility of the software with your golf simulator hardware. Make sure that the software is compatible with the latest versions of your hardware and/or certain projector models.

Secondly, consider the features and abilities of the software. Some packages offer more in-depth data and analysis, while others are for more casual golfer. Finally, consider the customer service and support offered by the software developer. Good customer service can go a long way in case you encounter any issues or need technical support.

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What is a golf simulator?

Golf simulators are a relatively new technology that allows golf enthusiasts to practice and play their favorite game indoors. These simulators use advanced sensors and software to accurately track the flight of a golf ball and simulate the conditions of various real-life golf courses.

Advantages of building a golf simulator

One of the main advantages of golf simulators is that they provide a convenient and realistic way to practice and play golf without the need to go to an actual golf course. This is especially useful during the winter months or when weather conditions are unfavorable.

How a golf simulator can improve your game

Golf simulators can also be a great way to improve your game. By providing accurate feedback on factors like clubhead speed, ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate, these simulators can help golfers identify areas for improvement and make more informed decisions about their equipment and technique.

Play golf, indoors!

In addition to being a useful practice and training tool, golf simulators can also provide a fun and engaging way to play the game. Many simulators come with a variety of virtual golf courses to choose from, allowing golfers to experience new and exciting courses from the comfort of their own home. Some even offer multiplayer modes, allowing friends to compete against each other in a virtual setting.

What software should I use?

Once you get set up, you will need to choose the launch monitor and the software you want to play on. GSPRO golf, is only $250/yr at the moment. It has an ever expanding course library with the ability to run 4K graphics.

GSPRO Golf Simulation Software – $250/yr

Another option is E6 Connect. This software is more expensive, but has been popular for a long time in the commercial golf simulator space for its ease of use in a business application. Check out their website here for more information.

What are the cons of a golf simulator?

Of course, golf simulators are not without their drawbacks. One of the biggest challenges is the cost. While there are some more affordable options available, high-end golf simulators can be quite expensive. Additionally, the space required to set up a golf simulator can be a limiting factor for some golfers.

If you want to build a DIY golf simulator, we provide you with a free E-Book.

Also, visit our post how to build a golf simulator enclosure for information on how to DIY the frame and the materials needed to mount a projector and a launch monitor.

how to build a golf simulator enclosure

Learn how to build this enclosure in our free E-Book

Overall, golf simulators provide a convenient and realistic way for golfers to practice and play their favorite game. While they may not be a replacement for the real thing, they can be a valuable tool for improving your game and having fun in the process.