Top 5 Golf Simulator Projectors in 2023

5. BenQ TH671ST – $749

BENQ Th671st

     The BenQ TH671ST is a popular choice among golf simulator enthusiasts, and for good reason. Despite being released in 2017, it still stands the test of time and remains a viable option in 2023. One of its standout features is its 0.69:1 – 0.83:1 throw ratio, which gives it the flexibility to work with varying distances between the projector and screen.

     This projector boasts an ANSI brightness of 3,000 lumens, making it ideal for use in a room with low ambient light. This is especially important for a golf simulator, as you want the screen to be as bright and clear as possible without any interference from external sources of light.

     However, the BenQ TH671ST does have a few limitations. It only has vertical keystone adjustment, meaning that it’s an entry-level, budget golf simulator projector. This may not be an issue for some, but it’s worth noting for those who are looking for a more advanced or flexible setup.

     In conclusion, the BenQ TH671ST is a solid choice for those looking to create a custom golf simulator setup. With its short throw ratio, high ANSI brightness, and affordability, it provides a great balance of performance and value. While it may not have all of the advanced features of more premium models, it still offers a fantastic viewing experience that is sure to enhance any golf simulator setup.

4. Optoma GT1080HDR – $799

optoma gt1080hdr

     The Optoma GT1080HDR is our “best value” golf simulator projector.  It has a short throw ratio of 0.5:1, meaning it can project a 16 foot wide image from just 8 feet away. This makes it the perfect choice for a golf simulator setup, as it saves you space while still delivering high-quality images. With the ability to project large images, you can immerse yourself in the game and improve your golfing skills.

     The projector also supports HDR, which provides you with a more vivid and realistic image. The HDR technology enhances the contrast and color accuracy, which is especially important in a golf simulator as you want to accurately see the course and terrain.

     The Optoma GT1080HDR is also user-friendly, with easy installation and intuitive on-screen menus. It comes with two HDMI ports, a USB port, and a 12V trigger, which makes it compatible with various devices and systems.

     Another feature worth mentioning is the lamp life of the projector, which is rated for 15,000 hours. This means you won’t have to replace the lamp for many years, even if you use the projector frequently.

     In conclusion, the Optoma GT1080HDR is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable, short-throw projector for their home golf simulator. Its high brightness, short throw ratio, and support for HDR make it a top pick for golf enthusiasts.

3. BenQ TK700STi – $1499

     Golf enthusiasts are always looking for ways to improve their game and bring the golf course experience to their homes. One of the best ways to do this is by setting up a custom golf simulator, and a critical component of any good golf simulator is the projector. In this post, we will be reviewing the BenQ TK700STi, a 4K golf simulator projector that makes a great entry in our list of the best projectors for golf simulators in 2023.

     The BenQ TK700STi is one of the few 4K golf simulator projectors on the market, and it is a step up in price compared to the other options on our list. However, this jump in price is expected as 4K resolution projectors are still a premium product. The projector has a short throw ratio, with a range of 0.90:1 to 1.08:1. This means that it can be used in a smaller space and still provide a high-quality image.

     The projector has an impressive ANSI brightness rating of 3,000 lumens, which makes it ideal for use in rooms with low ambient light. It also has the ability to display 3D, 4K UHD, 1.2x manual zoom, and horizontal and vertical keystone adjustments, making it a great mid-tier home golf simulator projector.

     One of the most important considerations when choosing a projector for a golf simulator is the short throw ratio. The BenQ TK700STi falls at the long end of the range, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It all depends on the space you have available for your home golf simulator. It’s always best to use a tool like projector central to determine the exact dimensions for a golf sim screen size and which projector will work best for your needs.

     In conclusion, the BenQ TK700STi is a great option for golf enthusiasts looking for a 4K golf simulator projector. Its impressive specs and mid-tier price point make it a serious contender for anyone looking to bring the golf course experience to their homes.

2. BenQ LK936ST – $4,899

     The BenQ LK936ST is a top of the line golf simulator projector, offering a stunning 4K UHD resolution and impressive brightness with a 5,100 ANSI lumens rating. It is a true short throw projector, with a 0.8:1 ratio and 1.1x zoom capability, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to create a large, immersive golf simulator experience.

     This all-in-one home theater and golf simulator projector is designed with convenience in mind, featuring a lamp life of 20,000 hours, so you won’t have to worry about replacing the bulb for years to come. It also offers horizontal and vertical keystone adjustment, providing even greater flexibility for your home golf simulator setup.

     The only reason the BenQ LK936ST ranks second on our list is its high price point. However, if you are looking for the best possible performance for your golf simulator, and are willing to invest in the best technology, this projector is definitely worth considering.

     In conclusion, the BenQ LK936ST is a premium golf simulator projector that offers unbeatable performance and a wide range of features to enhance your home golf simulator experience. Whether you’re a golf enthusiast or just looking for a top-notch home theater setup, this projector is definitely worth considering.

1. Optoma UHD35STx – $1749

     The Optoma UHD35STx is the perfect choice for anyone looking for the best golf simulator projector for 2023. With its 4K resolution, 3,600 ANSI lumens, and 0.50:1 short throw ratio, this projector delivers unbeatable performance and value. Whether you’re setting up a custom golf simulator at home or looking for a versatile gaming projector, the Optoma UHD35STx is the ideal choice.

     With its 3D capability, 1080p at 240Hz, and ultra low latency, this projector is not only perfect for golf simulation, but also offers an excellent gaming experience. Whether you’re playing XBOX, PS5, or other FPS games, this projector has what it takes to deliver a smooth, responsive experience that rivals even the best gaming monitors.

     So why is the Optoma UHD35STx our top choice for 2023? Simply put, this projector offers the best performance to value ratio of any projector on the market. With its impressive specs, low latency, and affordability, the Optoma UHD35STx is the perfect choice for anyone looking to set up a custom golf simulator or gaming setup at home.

     If you’re looking for the best golf simulator projector for 2023, the Optoma UHD35STx is definitely worth considering. Whether you’re a serious golfer or a competitive gamer, this projector offers the performance and value you need to take your experience to the next level.

What Features are Most Important?

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The Rise of Golf Simulators: What Does The Future Hold?

Golf fans everywhere have longed to experience the thrill and challenge of playing a round on a high-end golf simulator. However, until recently, that prospect was still largely out of reach; the cost and impracticality of setting up a full-scale simulator was simply too much to overcome. But the future of golf simulators is looking brighter than ever!

The emergence of high-quality and affordable golf simulators have revolutionized the way people can enjoy and improve their golf game. These accessible simulators have been designed to bring the feeling of a real course right into people’s homes. Now, there is no need to worry about the constraints of time, cost, or weather – golfers can play any day, anytime, and improve in the process.

But, perhaps more than just recreating a course experience, the real potential of golf simulators lies in the ability to provide gamers with an exact simulation of any given golf course. With trackable clubs and simulation systems such as ‘Golfzon’, players have access to incredibly accurate data and feedback about each shot and all 18 holes with impressive levels of accuracy. This capability, combined with the ability to adjust and adjust each feature of the golf course to suit the golfer’s style, makes the golf simulator an invaluable tool for beginners and experts alike.

Furthermore, new technologies are currently making the simulator experience even more immersive. Allowing gamers to customize their avatar and ‘compete’ against audio-stimulated competitors as they make their way around the virtual course can be extremely motivating and uplifting.

Finally, the future of golf simulators looks even more exciting with developments being made into virtual reality and augmented reality technology. If we were to fast forward to a few years from now, it wouldn’t be at all farfetched to imagine a golf simulator that allows you to feel the wind, smell the grass, and hear the sound of the birds as you make your way around the virtual course. When that day comes, it would be quite the experience!

All in all, never before has it been so accessible for golfers to experience the same thrills and challenges as a real golf course. With the rapid developments being made into virtual and augmented reality technology, it looks like the future of golf simulators is even more exciting