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What is a Launch Monitor?

     A golf simulator launch monitor is a high-tech device that uses advanced technology such as radar, cameras, or optical sensors to track the ball’s flight and provide real-time data, which can then be run through simulation software to display the shot trajectory on a display such as a projector screen or a monitor.

     This data can include club head speed, ball speed, spin rate, launch angle, and more. The information is then displayed on a screen or computer, allowing golfers to analyze their swing and make adjustments to improve their performance.

     The launch monitor is the most critical component to a golf simulator.  It should be the first product you decide on, based on your budget, space available, and the overall experience you require.

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Top 5 Launch Monitors 2023

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Best Budget Launch Monitors

Uneekor Eye Mini

Soon To Be Released!

Skytrak Launch Monitor

Worst Launch Monitors

Launch Monitor Articles

uneekor eye mini

Uneekor EYE Mini

Uneekor Eye Mini: The Future of Golf Launch Monitors      Golf enthusiasts and professionals alike are eagerly anticipating the launch of the Uneekor Eye

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APOGEE – The newest launch monitor from TruGolf is a serious contender in the mid-priced launch monitor space…

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golfzone launch monitor

Golfzon Wave

Golfzon is a powerhouse in the global golf simulator market, and is now releasing the Golfzon Wave, a portable launch monitor…

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