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  • Top 5 Launch Monitors 2023

    Top 5 Launch Monitors 2023

    In this article we cover the Top 5 golf simulator launch monitors available in 2023, starting with the… Read more

  • Play TPC Scottsdale, from your Garage

    Play TPC Scottsdale, from your Garage

    GSPRO GSPRO is quickly becoming one of the best options for golf simulator software.  Available for only $250/yr, it offers the best value currently on the market for “bang for the buck”. Stunning visuals with 4K graphics capability, a constantly growing course library of your favorite courses in the world.  Great practice modes.  Online communities… Read more

  • Golfzon Wave

    Golfzon Wave

    Golfzon is a powerhouse in the global golf simulator market, and is now releasing the Golfzon Wave, a portable launch monitor… Read more

  • Best Golf Launch Monitor

    Best Golf Launch Monitor

    First you need to ask yourself what your budget is. That will determine what the best golf launch monitor for home simulator is for you. Once you have a budget in mind for your launch monitor, think about how much space you have in your home. If you have a very small space, throw the… Read more

  • What is a golf simulator?

    What is a golf simulator?

    Golf simulators are a relatively new technology that allows golf enthusiasts to practice and play their favorite game indoors. These simulators use advanced sensors and software to accurately track the flight of a golf ball and simulate the conditions of various real-life golf courses. Advantages of building a golf simulator One of the main advantages… Read more