Best Golf Launch Monitor

First you need to ask yourself what your budget is. That will determine what the best golf launch monitor for home simulator is for you.

Once you have a budget in mind for your launch monitor, think about how much space you have in your home. If you have a very small space, throw the radar based launch monitors out.

Now that we have narrowed it down a bit, ask yourself how you will use your simulator. Game improvement, on course play, online tournaments, golf night with your friend who is left handed, etc.

The answer is not clear cut on what the best golf launch monitor for home simulator is, it really depends on what you need. But we will help you get to that decision MUCH quicker!

Budget under $5,000

If your budget is under $5,000 for the launch monitor, you are in luck there are plenty of options that are very good.

The best launch monitor in this category is the Bushnell Launch Pro. It comes in at $3,499. It is a camera based launch monitor so it works great in tight spaces, as it sits on the ground next the the ball. Ball to screen length isn’t much of a requirement because it only reads a few feet of the ball flight after impact to gather all the information it needs.

The main con to this golf simulator launch monitor is the software. You are pretty much stuck with foresight sports proprietary software unless you unlock the machine, and pay a hefty fee for that. Another con is the unit will need to be moved if it is being used simultaneously by right and left handed players

The main pro of this launch monitor is the accuracy will rival a Foresight GC Quad, it has all the features you will need, and the value is unbeatable in this price range.

best golf launch monitor for home simulator bushnell launch pro

Budget under $1,000

The best golf launch monitor for home simulator in this price range is the Garmin R10 coming in at $599. It is a radar based launch monitor, so it needs a larger room to pick up the ball flight.

The main con is the ball to screen length requirement is 8′ or 2.4m, and the unit needs to sit 6′ or 2m behind the ball. So your room needs to be a minimum of 14′ or 4.4m in length.

This unit lacks some features of the more expensive units, and there is some delay from the ball strike to when you see the ball fly on the screen.

The main pro for this golf simulator launch monitor is the ease of use for left and right handed players to play at the same time. This is because the launch monitor is located behind the players.

best golf launch monitor for home simulator garmin r10

Budget over $5,000

If you have a larger budget, you can really be picky with what you want. I advise staying away from any radar based launch monitor in this segment due to the fact they require a larger space, and they need good lighting to monitor the ball flight.

The best best golf launch monitor for home simulator in this price range is the Uneekor EYE XO priced at $10,000. This is an overhead mounted camera based golf simulator launch monitor that is as accurate as any sensor out there.

The main con for this launch monitor is the lack of portability. But if you are building a home golf simulator, that probably isn’t an issue.

The main pro of the Uneekor EYE XO, is the software. It comes we a free, basic software allowing you to hit on a driving range and work on game improvement. But the real bonus is that this unit will work with nearly every golf simulator software you will want to play on, making it very flexible.

You can play seamlessly with right or left handed players due to it beind mounted on the ceiling, and it comes with some amazing features such as high resolution, slow-mo video playback of your club impacting the golf ball.

best golf launch monitor for home simulator uneekor eye xo