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Launch Monitors

A golf simulator launch monitor is the key component to your indoor golf simulator. There are dozens of golf simulator launch monitors to choose from. And many get released new each year. The technology is rapidly changing. Don’t make the same mistake as me and buy a launch monitor that is lagging behind the times. Technology advancements lead to dropping prices of these expensive and critical component to your indoor golf simulator.

We will dive deep into golf simulator launch monitor technology. The pro’s and con’s of the most popular units. And help you decide which is best for you.

Radar Based Launch Monitors

Radar based launch monitors use radar technology in order to sense ball data in addition to club head data. Some examples of the most popular radar based golf simulator launch monitors are the Trackman 4, the Garmin R10, and the Flightscope Mevo+.

Radar technology is getting outpaced by camera based sensors in the current market. The Trackman 4 is one of the most recognizable products in the golf simulator launch monitor industry. They are used by PGA pros all over to world to analyze every data point that exists for a golf swing. The big negative for the Trackman 4, is the price point which has an MSRP of $18,995 at the date of this post.

Click here for more information of radar based golf simulator launch monitors.

golf simulator launch monitor trackman 4

Trackman 4 – $18,995

Camera Based Launch Monitors

Camera based golf simulator launch monitor technology uses 2 or more high speed optical sensors to track the ball over a short distance, to gather all the data it needs to output raw data to display a golf shot in a simulator environment. Click here for more information of camera based golf simulator launch monitors.

These golf simulator launch monitors are starting to really gain an edge in the cost to performance ratio. The cost of these units is dropping drastically over the recent years. Our headliner of this bunch is the Foresight Sports GC Quad, coming in at $14,500. It is just as popular on the PGA Tour as the Trackman 4, and is packed with every feature you could want. The Bushnell Launch Pro $3,499, is the best value in this category. It is 98% as accurate is a Trackman 4, at a mere fraction of the cost. I am not good enough to be affected by a +/- 2 yd ball carry distance. I’ve witnessed significant testing of the Bushnell Launch Pro vs a Trackman 4, and you literally won’t know the difference.

golf simulator launch monitor bushnell launch pro

Bushnell Launch Pro – $3,499

The best golf simulator launch monitor at the moment is the Uneekor EYE XO at $10,000. It offers the most well rounded features, its overhead mounted (not portable), and can interface with just about every golf simulator software you will want to play on.